Vice President, Human Resources / ESOP

Ms. Thienhaus has worked in the field of employment law and human resources for over 15 years. As a Senior Deputy Attorney General for the State of Nevada, Teri represented the Nevada Department of Transportation and other state agencies in a number of personnel matters in state and federal courts, and in administrative hearings.

She has experience in Title VII discrimination cases involving race, gender and national origin discrimination and sexual harassment, at the EEOC stage and in federal court.

In addition to her litigation experience, Teri has provided day to day advice and counsel to employers on matters concerning workers’ compensation, unemployment, wrongful termination, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Americans With Disabilities Act, and all aspects of leave under both the federal FMLA and the California FEHA, CFRA and PDLA. Teri served as the Director of the Nevada Department of Personnel for three years, under appointment from two governors.

Ms. Thienhaus’ first career was in Psychiatric Nursing. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati, McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, and her Juris Doctor from the University of Cincinnati, College of Law.

Ms. Thienhaus currently serves as a Co-Trustee of the Company’s ESOP.


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