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Quality: A question of trust

Today is World Quality Day. It is celebrated each year on the 2nd Thursday in November.

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Reputations are built on trust. Trust is a hard-earned commodity, yet one which can be squandered in a moment. Let’s celebrate the role that everyone plays in building and sustaining trust for all of our stakeholders: persons supported, families, customers, suppliers, staff, regulators, shareholders, and society.

Hardly a day goes by without reading about quality failure and its impact on the customers and stakeholders of organizations: Grenfell, Facebook, Kobe Steel and BMW to name a few. These stories beg two questions. Firstly, about organizational competence and secondly, about organizational integrity.

The quality management profession is about helping organizations put in place competent systems:

  1. To ensure that the activity of an organization consistently delivers on its promises to customers and stakeholders,

  2. An assurance framework to help the organizations understand operational risk, and;

  3. An improvement framework to mitigate risk and make improvements.

The systems of governance, assurance and improvement combined with a culture of quality and safety are our investment in trust and reputation. The quality professional is your partner in enhancing trust in our organization.

Quality Professionals are the people who support and develop quality competence and culture using their unique view across the organization and its stakeholders, and their unique skills in establishing systems of operational governance, assurance and improvement.

World Quality Day is our opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our organization, and recognize those that uphold trust to sustain and improve performance every day of the year.


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