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Our Culture Sets Us Apart

As an employee-owned company, here at CPES we believe the success of our team depends on the success of our team members. Employee-owners are more than just workers to us; they’re part of our family, which is why they own a part of the business: their hard work is rewarded. That’s why we’re committed to building a work culture that’s supportive, compassionate, and collaborative.

At CPES, you’re guaranteed to find outstanding employee-owners like yourself. These conscientious workers are fully invested in the high-quality products and services they produce, and their enthusiasm doesn’t stop there. We’re tremendously proud of our employees’ passion and respect for our customers. This strong dedication to clients not only creates a positive work environment, but also yields financial rewards for everyone.

When you come to work, you can count on the support of a winning team driven by collaborative success. Together, we’re transforming the workplace into a dynamic space that celebrates hard workers and commends their accomplishments. At an employee-owned company, every worker is a champion.


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